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Bitcoin Faucet Rules

Faucet Rules

Bitcoinz.Trade Faucet was built for fun and to help people to learn about Bitcoin and earn some Satoshis. However, since some people are taking advantage of such websites, the following rules must be followed by all faucet users :

  1. You are not allowed to use your own Bitcoin address as your referral
  2. You can only claim once every 30 minutes
  3. Be kind to others when commenting and don’t use bad language
  4. Bots are NOT allowed on the faucet
  5. You are not allowed to use VPS, VPN, Proxies, etc, to claim from the faucet
  6. Captcha solving services and software is not allowed
  7. Faucet may stop operating at anytime with no prior warning if it’s in danger

Always keep in mind that if you break one of the above rules you will be banned for good and no earnings will be payed.

Bitcoinz.Trade Faucet FAQ

Why can’t I access the faucet ?

Only members can claim from the faucet. This means that you need to register in order to use it. Registration is free and takes only 10 seconds, use this link to register. Once you are registered, use this link to sign in.

I did not receive the sign up confirmation email

Please check your spam folder and allow at least 10 minutes for the email to arrive. If you contact us with your email address and we will look into this.

I forgot my password

You can use the “reset password” on the login screen on order to reset your password.

My wallet keeps changing my address, should I use the new address or the old one?

Bitcoin wallets will sometimes change your address as an anonymity feature. However in order to reserve your balance you have to keep using the same address. You can still use your old wallet’s address and the coins should reach your wallet, so make sure not to change addresses each time you get a new address from your Bitcoin wallet.

What are Seniority Bonuses?

Our faucet rewards its loyal users by giving them bonuses on their payouts. The longer you are an active user, the higher bonuses you’ll get. An active user is considered a user that claimed Bitcoin directly (not as a referral) at least once in a 7 day period. If a user doesn’t claim directly at least once in a 7 day period, his seniority stats are reset. You can check your seniority stats here.

Up to 30 days of using the faucet – no bonus
Between 31 days and 60 days of using the faucet – 10% bonus on all direct payouts
Between 61 days and 90 days of using the faucet – 13% bonus on all direct payouts
Between 91 days and 120 days of using the faucet – 15% bonus on all direct payouts
Between 121 days and 150 days of using the faucet – 17% bonus on all direct payouts
Between 151 days and 180 days of using the faucet – 20% bonus on all direct payouts
Over 180 days of using the faucet – 22% bonus on all direct payouts

Each time you use the same address it gains “seniority”. According to how long the address has been used you’ll get a bonus on your payouts. So the longer you use the faucet the more you can earn. Keep in mind that if you don’t use your address for 7 days the seniority resets. Using the address means claiming with it directly, referring other addresses doesn’t count as usage. You can check the seniority of your address here.

I’m getting a “wrong captcha” message all the time

Since a lot of people are trying to hack the website and spam it, the faucet uses some protective measures. That’s why sometimes the site won’t work correctly if you’re using an automated software to collect Bitcoins, a bot or with old browsers. If you’re getting the “wrong captcha” message, please make sure you are following all of the faucet rules and also that you’re using the latest version of common browsers.

I’m not seeing the Satoshis I claimed in my wallet’s address

When you claim Satoshis they aren’t sent directly to your wallet. Instead they are stored on your account and once you reach the minimum threshold (currently 20.000 Satoshis) they will be sent to your wallet. You can check your address balance using this link.

Does the faucet have a referral program?

Not at the moment.

I can’t read the captcha

We can not change the way Captcha works and we don’t have any control of it. You can use the audio version of the Captcha if the text is unreadable. Another option is to try again at a later time, usually the Captcha has periods of giving out extremely hard texts to read.

I’m getting various errors from your site

Please make sure you are using the latest version of the following browsers :
Internet Explorer, Firefox 2, Opera (with TLS 1.1 enabled), Google Chrome, Safari, Mobile Safari for iOS, Android 4.0 and later. These browsers are know to work with our site and faucet.

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